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Wool Or Nylon - Which Carpet Is Best Suited For You?
13 Sep

Wool Or Nylon - Which Carpet Is Best Suited For You?

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Carpets are always the best option to create a luxurious and comfortable flooring. There is a suitable carpet for every floor - from a soft bedroom carpet to a luxury carpet for your living room. But often, you could be confused regarding the selection of carpet material. If you have recently decided to carpet your home, you would have come across the two eternally popular materials - wool and nylon. The main difference between the two is the source. While wool is a natural fiber, nylon is man-made. But which among these is best suited for your home? We will help you find out.

Benefits Of Choosing Wool Carpets

You can never go wrong by choosing wool because it has been in use for around thousands of years, and is one of the best yarns to make carpet. Apart from being a natural fiber, wool can be preferred over any other material for the following factors:

It’s Super Comfy

Wool carpets are popular for the amount of comfort they offer to the feet. The material is remarkably soft, and anybody would love to walk on it. Moreover, wool carpets are found to have a positive role in regulating the temperature inside your home. Wool can maintain the heat in your rooms during colder months, and during hot weather, woolen carpets capture the heat from the floor blocking it from spreading around.

It’s Natural And Eco-friendly

If you are a person who cares for the environment, there is no better choice for you than wool for carpeting. It is easily biodegradable compared to synthetic materials, and there are no chemicals used during the manufacturing process. Furthermore, wool inhibits the growth of mites and bacteria, besides being non-allergenic.  

It’s Durable

Produced from the fleece of sheep, wool is one of the best natural fibers. Wool carpets are widely considered as the most durable type, as it can withstand heavy usage, without losing the natural beauty and texture. Wool has an inherent strength, and thus carpets made of the material exhibit high elasticity. 

Benefits Of Choosing Nylon Carpets

As you know, nylon is synthetic and comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Nylon is probably the most popular material for manufacturing carpets. The material is chosen for its soft texture, elasticity, and shape retention features. Let’s see some benefits of nylon carpeting:

It’s Easy To Clean

Compared to wool, nylon carpets are so much easier to clean. You can have the newly installed carpet look for a while if you treat spills immediately, vacuum frequently, and get a professional cleaning at regular intervals. 

It’s More Affordable

Even though nylon is considered premium compared to other synthetic materials, it is still affordable than wool carpets. Therefore, it is a high-end choice that can be compared to wool. If you are on a tight budget but expect top-of-the-line finish, nylon is your best choice.

It Doesn’t Stain Easily

Nylon carpets come with a protector coating and therefore are the best choice if you are looking for stain resistance. It doesn’t stain easily compared to any other synthetic fabric used for carpet manufacturing.

Important Things To Consider

You would now have got a rough idea about which material to choose. To help you make the perfect decision, here are some more things to consider.

Cost And Durability

Wool is the premium material among the two, and its cost is one the higher side. The natural fibers of wool are known to be extremely strong and durable, and it is definitely long-lasting the nylon. One of the problems with wool carpets is that it cannot be exposed to direct sunlight as the UV rays could degenerate the material. On the other hand, wool is flame resistant and is often self-extinguishing. The cost factor keeps wool carpets away from customers on a budget.

You could purchase a nylon carpet at half the price of its woolen counterpart. Obviously, it is the most popular option among carpet buyers. Even though nylon is more expensive than most other synthetic materials, it is more durable. Nylon carpets are made UV resistant using special dyes, so there are no worries of sun damage. Nylon carpets tend to burn slowly and have self-extinguishing properties. 

Flexibility And Comfort

When it comes to retaining the new and authentic look for so long, no material can beat wool. Wool carpets are resilient, do not wrinkle, and stay in shape for a long time. The material is mostly chosen for indoors, as it helps with friction, and does not slip away easily. Also, wool helps keep the warmth inside as mentioned before.

Even though nylon is a popular option for home flooring, it is mostly preferred for carpeting commercial floors. Nylon carpets have excellent properties of resistance, wearability, abrasion, and resilience, but nylon cannot accommodate heavy or extreme traffic like wool does. Moreover, nylon carpets are soft and comfortable, but cannot beat its natural counterpart in coziness. 

Cleaning And Maintenance

As we saw, wool carpets do not stain easily and could be cleaned by regular vacuuming. An important thing to remember is that you should not use any soil-resistant protectants or cleaning sprays as the material is porous, and could damage the carpet. The most preferred method to clean wool carpets is dry foam.

Nylon carpets too could be cleaned well with regular vacuuming. It is non-porous unlike wool and resists a wide range of spills and stains. You could use any sort of cleaning chemicals on nylon without any worries, and thus almost any carpet cleaning method is effective. 

Which One Should You Choose?

So, have you figured it out? Wool or nylon? There is a high chance that you are still confused as both the materials have their own pros and cons. If you haven’t made a decision yet, choosing the right material for you gets down to practicality and personal preference. 

We will help a bit more! You can consider your budget, your pets, the climate condition you are living in, etc before choosing the right material. You can choose wool confidently if you are looking for outstanding longevity and pride. However, if you have a small house, a low budget, and if you don’t spend much time at home, nylon can be a better choice.

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