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07 Silk Navy Blue With Gold

07 Silk Navy Blue With Gold

  • AED 6,000 Ex Tax : AED 6,000

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Ex Tax : AED 6,000

Product ID: 07 Silk Navy Blue With Gold

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Persian & Oriental silk rugs are the most intricate, and often most valuable, of all hand-knotted rugs.
The fine yet strong silk fibres used in these rugs allow more knots per square inch to be tied giving 
a clearer pattern with more detail and increased likeness to real-life,
a good analogy being that of an HDTV over a regular TV.
The beauty of a silk rug is unmatched. Silk rugs have a fine, shiny finish to them and their additional
knot count also adds to the time/effort put into their creation and how they feel to the touch.


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