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How to Choose the Right Area Rug?
31 Aug

How to Choose the Right Area Rug?

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Area rugs are one of the best options for home decor, whether you are trying to make a bold statement or to enhance the beauty of your interiors. Rugs are a versatile option that comes in various shapes, sizes, and styles, and serve a multitude of purposes. The only thing you have to do is choose the right one for your space. Read on to find out some tips that would help you with that.

Identify The Purpose Of The Rug

It is important to decide the role a rug will play in your room before going into further detail. You might be looking for a rug to fit under the dining table, or one for your reading room. In other cases, you would be choosing a rug to tie together the seating arrangement, or sometimes even to cover up an entire room. Knowing the role of the rug in your room will make it so much easier to choose the right rug.

Once you have identified the purpose, you can decide the style of your rug. Decide whether you want to throw a vibrant touch to the floor, or make the ambiance softer. Also, choose the right texture - some might be a fan of patterns, or some would go for a subtle texture. Also, if you are planning to have rugs for multiple rooms, make sure that they coordinate.

Decide The Size And Shape

There are no set rules to decide on the size and shape of your rug but there are some recommendations we could provide if you are not certain about the choice. First of all, you should consider the furniture in your room. For instance, if you are choosing a rug under the dining table, the rug should be large enough for the chair legs to be placed on it while someone is sitting. The tip to find the minimum measurement is to add 40” to 50” to the length and breadth of the table. Interior designers usually suggest round shaped rugs for square or round tables and rectangular rugs for other shapes.

Rugs are usually used as decor items that ties the furniture grouping together. Designers recommend putting at least the front legs of each piece of furniture on the rug. If you have a large room, and the furniture is away from the walls, you may choose to fit the entire grouping on the rug. Keep the measurement ideas in mind to choose the appropriate size.

Choosing rugs for the bedroom needs more consideration. If you have a large bed, it can often cover up the rug, so make sure you are two or three feet to the length for a cushioned walk around the bed. You can style the rug in many different ways with the help of your designer. For instance, you can have the side tables line the rug, or not.

Many people choose to try multiple rugs instead of a single piece or lay smaller individual ones that equal the size of the perimeter of the bed. Another common practice is to lay a smaller rug at the foot of the bed with only the footboard overlapping it. If you plan to fill the bedroom floor with a rug, it is advised to leave at least 12” of space between the edge of the rug and walls.

There is a variety of custom rugs available, from which you may choose your sizes and shapes best suited for your interiors. Even though rectangle and round shaped rugs are common, there are no fixed rules. You can feel free to try out shapes of your choice.

Choosing The Perfect Rug

As we said before, rugs come in a variety of colors and patterns. Some designers even start with a rug as the point to decorate the rest of the room. The rug can be an inspiration piece for the decor items in your room, colors, and patterns of your wallpaper, and even your furniture. Therefore, you can pick a rug that suits your interests and base the whole interior designing process on it.

On the other hand, if you already have the room decoration decided, you need to choose a rug that fits everything. Many designers opine that you should find a rug that reflects the same colors of the rest of the decor. It will help to unify the space. Choosing neutral colors can provide a soft effect to your space while dark colors could provide depth to the rest of the design. Moreover, you could play with the colors too. You can choose a vibrant rug for a neutrally designed interior to inject some energy.

While selecting the patterns, you have a lot of choices. There are bold, subtle, large, or small patterns, from which you can choose one that reflects your style. According to many designers, it is better to go for extravagant patterns if you do not have many patterns in your room. But, if there are a lot of patterns already, go for subtle or solid patterns.

Another thing to keep in mind is that while mixing patterns, you should coordinate with your room. For example, if you have a large pattern on your furniture and medium patterns on the blinds, going for a smaller pattern for the rug would be great, and vice versa.

Winding Up

To sum up, you can always experiment with different looks by keeping the above tips in mind. You can always layer rugs of different sizes, or angle multiple rugs together. You will enjoy experimenting with the rugs, and how different arrangements can change the look and feel of your interiors. Area rugs are always a fun way to remake your space.

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