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Six Reasons Why You Should Buy Persian Carpets

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Widely manufactured using a hand-weaving technique, Persian rugs form a popular choice for enhancing your home's interior aesthetics. The intricately detailed designs and attractive color combinations make it a unique option for interior decoration.

What Different Colors in The Persian Carpets Mean?

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With a deep ancient root, Persian carpets have been a popular choice for enhancing the interior beauty of your homes or any other spaces. The use of various colors signifies inherent meanings and deep spiritual connotations that make them more attractive.

Tips to Pick the Right Carpet for Your Kids’ Bedroom

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You will need to consider various factors such as stain-resistance, cleaning ease, texture, and color while buying a carpet for your kids' bedroom. The carpet should also bind with the room's aesthetics well. Use these tips to buy the right carpet for your kid's room.

Six Signs That You Need a New Carpet

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Unsure if your carpet needs replacement? The carpets may develop various visible signs, such as tough stain marks and foul odors. Look for these six prominent signals to determine if your carpet has degraded and you need a new carpet.

Wool Or Nylon - Which Carpet Is Best Suited For You?

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Carpets are always the best option to create a luxurious and comfortable flooring. There is a suitable carpet for every floor - from a soft bedroom carpet to a luxury carpet for your living room. But often, you could be confused regarding the selection of carpet material. If you have recently decided to carpet your home, you would have come across the two eternally popular materials - wool and nylon. The main difference between the two is the source. While wool is a natural fiber, nylon is man-made. But which among these is best suited for your home? We will help you find out.

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